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Best Fathers Day Gifts - Fiskars 7067 Garden Tool Set

Brief Overview Of The Garden Tool Set

The Fiskars 7067 3-Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set includes a trowel, cultivator, and transplanter, which makes it excellent for outdoor, patio and indoor gardening use.

These tools are made of single-piece aluminum that makes it rust-resistant. Hence, the tools are light and are great for any gardening tasks. Plus, the handles are comfortable, have a secure grip and are designed ergonomically so that your wrists are at a neutral position when using the tools.

Also, not forgetting the fact that each of these tools in the Fiskars 7067 garden tool set also have hanging holes so you can store them easily in the garage.

Customers' Feedback About This Fiskars 7067 3-Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set

A huge majority of the customers have given this Fiskars 7067 garden tool set a big thumbs up - Citing reasons such as the fact that these tools are very rugged, and that they are covered by lifetime warranty by Fiskars, as reasons why they are extremely satisfied with their purchase.

Plus, they have also commented that the handles of each of these tools were built in such a way that it not cause any hurt to their hands from gardening (unlike many of the other gardening tools they have used before).

And finally, in terms of its cost, many agree that this gardening tool set is priced at a very reasonable price (it currently cost just $13.99 on Amazon.com with free shipping at this time of writing) and they said that it is money very well-spent.

Our Final Verdict

If your dad is those who loves gardening, then this Fiskars 7067 3-Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set will definitely make an excellent gift for your dad this Father's Day.

These tools will be a great addition or replacement to his gardening tools and he will certainly be delighted to receive this gift. The tools are light but still strong, and thus can help relive the strain on his hands while gardening. Your dad will definitely love gardening with these tools by Fiskars as they are comfortable yet sturdy.

Furthermore, the garden tool set is priced really affordably (as mentioned earlier it cost just $13.99 on Amazon.com with free shipping at this time of writing) so it is great if you are on a budget but still want to get something useful for your dad who loves gardening. These tools also come with a lifetime warranty so your dad need not worry that the tools will break easily.

Therefore, if your dad loves gardening, make him happy by giving him the Fiskars 7067 3-piece garden tool set on Father's Day.


Understanding the Vocabulary of Pressure Washers

If you are looking at pressure washers, but are new to the market, some of the terminology may also be new to you. Understanding what those terms mean can make shopping around a whole lot easier, then you know what you are looking at instead of reading a box and wondering. Let's take a look at some common terms that are used in identifying different features of pressure washers.

Adjustable pressure regulator - this regulator allows the user to vary the pressure of the spray.

Adjustable spray / multi-reg nozzle - a multi-reg nozzle allows you to adjust the angle of the spray with a turn of the tip. These nozzles also allow for the low pressure application of chemical and cleaning solutions.

Axial cam - these types of pressure washers uses a cam to transform the rotary motion of the motor into the reciprocating motion of the pump's pistons. An axial cam system has fewer parts than other systems so are normally less expensive.

Belt drive system - a belt driven system uses pulleys and belts to slow the speed of the pump. This type of system allows for a longer pump life, but some efficiency is lost due to the additional friction caused by the belts and pulleys. There is also additional maintenance in keeping them belts adjusted.

Ceramic vs. non-ceramic plungers - the plunger is a primary part that moves back and forth between the rubber seals to create the flow and pressure of the system. Industrial grade pressure washers use ceramic plungers because they are very smooth, extending the life of the seals so they do not wear out.

Chemical injector - this allows chemicals or soap to be injected into the water stream, resulting in faster and easier cleaning. Without a chemical injector, the user must switch to a special soap nozzle.

Direct drive - in these types of pressure washers, the pump is connected directly to the engine. The pump and engine spin at the same speed. This system is very simple, having few moving parts which makes it less expensive. However, the disadvantage is that the bearings get more wear and tear which reduces the life span of the pump.

EZ start adjustable unloader - this eliminates the pressure in the pump when you start it up, it makes pressure washers easier to start and causes less damage to the starter motor.

Gearbox pumps - these types of pressure washers have a gear reduction box between the motor and the pump, so they run at about half the speed of direct drive pumps. WIth less need to replace the seals and valve as often, there are less maintenance expenses.

GFCI - this only applies to electric pressure washers, it stands for Ground Fault Current Interrupter which protects the user from accidental electrocution.

GPM - stands for Gallons Per Minute which is part of the measure of the power of the washer. The great the GPM, the faster and more powerful the cleaning capacity of the unit.

This is just the first part of the helpful vocabulary when shopping for a pressure washer. There are many other terms about pressure washers, and we will take a look at more of them next time.


Prepping Your Lawn Mower for the Summer

Your lawnmower is an investment that will keep your lawn turning heads--as long as you take care of the engine. Proper lawnmower care is crucial to for smooth performance. The changing seasons require certain precautions to properly store the lawn mower while it is not in use. Here are six steps you should take to protect your lawn mower throughout the year:

1. Check the Battery
Recharge the battery throughout the off-season starting the engine from time to time or simply attach the battery to a charger.

2. Check the Fuel
All engines can be damaged by old or deteriorated fuel. In as little as just one month, gasoline can deteriorate damage your lawnmower's small engine by clogging the carburetor, thus preventing the engine from starting properly. The keep your lawnmower's engine clean, add a fuel stabilizer each time you fill the tank.

3. Check the Oil
Just like automotive engines, small engines must undergo regular oil changes. Oil lubricates the engine during use, which prevents premature damage. Before starting the lawn mower in the spring, give it an oil change. This is especially important if you did not change the oil before storing it for the winter.

4. Lubricate Moving Parts
The engine is not the only part of your lawn mower that requires proper lubrication. It is a good idea to keep all moving parts, including the wheels and cables, adequately lubricated with oil or grease. If you still have the owner's manual, check it for details on properly lubricating moving parts.

5. Replace Spark Plugs and Filters
Replacing spark plugs and air filters before the first spring use is an inexpensive way to properly maintain and protect your lawn mower. Do this every year to extend the life of your mower. Replace paper filters, and thoroughly wash and air dry foam filters. Don't forget to change the fuel filter as well.

6. Check the Blades
Every spring, you should have your lawnmower's blades sharpened. Dull blades could damage your lawn and will cause the lawn mower to be less fuel-efficient. A damaged lawn and inefficient mower will also make you work much harder than you need to. It is a good idea to sharpen the lawn mower blades at lease once a month during the peak season.

7. Clean the Deck
A dirty deck can cause your mower to work harder than it should and to burn more fuel. It can also damage your lawn. Cleaning the deck is relatively simple and should be done after each use. Simply turn the mower onto its side, carefully positioning it so that motor oil does not leak into the fuel system. Then scrape or hose off lawn clippings from the deck of the mower. If possible, spray silicone lubricant onto the deck to reduce build up during use. Make sure the mower is completely off before cleaning the deck to avoid injury.

Behind every pristine lawn is careful lawnmower maintenance. In addition to better mower performance, lawnmower maintenance saves money, as a well-lubricated, clean machine is more energy efficient and requires less fuel. As long as you follow these simple tips when preparing your lawn mower for the spring and summer, you should enjoy a good working mower for many years to come.

~Ben Anton, 2009


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